The Isoplane Initiative 2024 - Worlds is for Everyone

What is the Isoplane Initiative?

The Isoplane Team wants as many people as possible to take part in the X-Wing World Championship 2024 at Adepticon in Chicago, Illinois, USA. We are all aware that for many X-Wing players in the world this will be no small feat. Therefore we intend to help players accomplish their goal of attending Worlds 2024 who would otherwise not be able.

How does it work?

The Isoplane Team has a fixed budget provided by Isophane, supported by funds raised through the Isoplane Fundraiser and sales of custom Isoplane Initiative objective markers. With these funds we can grant travel stipends and support to players in need.

Who is eligible?

The Isoplane Initiative aims to help players who have valid Worlds invites (from this season) and/or are positive net contributors to their local or global X-Wing community, who want to go to Worlds but cannot financially achieve this goal on their own.

The goal of the Initiative is to assist as many players as possible which means prioritizing cases where players only require partial assistance rather than fully funding travel expenses. The team will also be prioritising people who have not previously been to Worlds or benefitted from the Isoplane Initiative last year.

The Isoplane team will decide on a case-by-case how much financial support can be provided and reserve the right to refuse applications for any reason and without explanation.

Please help us help the community and the players in need. Only apply if you have the full intention to go to Worlds 2024, but may not be able to do so due to financial hardship.

How do you apply and what are the rules?

Applications will be collected through this form until December 15th 2023: Isoplane Passenger Manifest

Stipends may be awarded on a rolling basis. Players from all over the world are welcome to apply, we have no regional restrictions.

The Isoplane Initiative may contact you for additional information and referrals during the process.

How can you support the Isoplane Team?

Who is the Isoplane Team?

Isophane - Daniel Lim (Budget Benefactor)

Looryl 'Louie' Qrygg - (Isoplane Fundraiser)

funwok (PR Support)

Conor 'Cattibrie' Holmes (Legal Support) (Web Support)

This is not a charity or a tax write off. There are no refunds. 100% of all the project funds will go into helping people. No one involved with this project is remunerated in any form, be it in form of a salary or expenses. We will make all efforts to keep your data and information private. It will be made available to the Isoplane team solely for the purposes of deliberation, and only what is provided by an applicant. We can make no guarantees bar the assurance to make said efforts. We may share anonymous data at the end of the project - for example how many players we were able to help in the end. All donations on top of that as provided by Isophane will be dispersed at the sole discretion of Isophane. There will be no accounting. Decisions made as to whether or not an applicant is successful is at the sole discretion of Isophane. And the amount which is afforded is also at the discretion of Isophane. Applicants will never be required to ‘donate’ or make any form of payment. This is a gift to help as many people as possible enjoy worlds.