The draw is done!! We hit all our stretch goals and raised an incredible £5,848 - all of which will go towards getting people to Worlds in less than 3 months' time!! 🚀

Congratulations to Marc Rider for winning the unicorn dice, and everyone else who picked up something.

Thank you to all of you for taking part; this community is amazing 🤩 

You can review the draw in full here: https://www.twitch.tv/videos/2020007493

Raffle winners:

Tier A

Unicorn dice (Chile/Germany 2023): Marc Rider

Marbly dice (Worlds 2017): Timothy Opinaldo

Lightsaber rulers (WOQ 2023): Jonas Malapas

Jedi punchboard (WOQ 2023): Byron Tatum

Custom objective markers: Travis Johannsen

Ahsoka Judge alt-art card: Matt Coggins

Tier B

Sparkly dice (Regionals 2017): Andrew Linton, Sean Oakley

Inferno Squadron punchboard and cards: Raughley Nuzzi

SOS 2019 Playmat: Robert Smith*, Kevin Larsen

Worlds 2023 Phoenix Squadron cards: Benjamin Mack

Worlds 2023 Phoenix Squadron punchboard: Isaias Santillano

Worlds 2023 Force tokens: Cormac Higgins*, Robert Smith*

Worlds 2023 Calculat tokens: Cormac Higgins*, Craig Fraser

*Robert Smith and Cormac Higgins were drawn twice but are limited by Tier rules to one prize only. They can choose which prize they win, and the other prize will go to Loan Dussart (Robert Smith's alternate) and Krzysztof Babiński (Cormac Higgins' alternate)

Tier C

Battle of Yavin Dial covers: Christopher Perez

Beskar objective markers: Theodore Traini, WoodbreyObjects, Chase Fair, Cormac Higgins x2, Martin Balvers, Timothy Opinaldo, Keith Wong, Brandon Carey, Carlos Lazo, Robert Mitchell, Maurice Valenzuela

Beskar charge tokens: Craig Fraser, Aaron Messick, Eirik Munthe, Chase Fair, Cameron Murray, Aurélien Coudray, Jason Desmarais, Just Wes, Andrew Linton, Brandon Carey, Matthias Wagner, Ryan Klemm, Patrick Hanson

Darksaber range ruler: Juan Caez Jr, Isaias Santillano, Christopher Perez, William Anderson, Eliott Weights, Andreas Maurer

Sabine Wren helmet tokens: Dwight Lindsay, Brandon Carey, Graeme Crawford, Loan Dussart, Marc Rider, James Humphery

Bo Katan token set: Cameron Murray, Theodore Traini, Matt Coggins, Loan Dussart, Mark Grawburg, Benjamin Rivet

Starbird challenge coin (Worlds 2023): Maurice Valenzuela, Mikhail Jenkins, Joshua Addington, Joaquin Gonzalez, Jens Hansen, Dylan Jones

CIS range ruler and damage deck: Cormac Higgins

Blueprint generics: Cameron Murray, Christopher Perez

Soontir + Predator alt art cards: Cormac Higgins, Douglas Applegate

Worlds 2023 Imperial SL cards: Travis Johannsen, Cormac Higgins

Worlds 2023 Rebel SL cards: Maurice Valenzuela x2

Y-Wing templates: Kenton Nakamura, Eliott Weights, Bryant Francis, Andrew Linton

Full set of participant cards from WQ 2023: Patrick Hanson

Stream giveaways:

Bo Katan token set: innkeeper16

Y-Wing templates: seaninthemines

XTC 2023 Challenge Coin: nikosaba0812

Ahsoka force tokens: stevieb9720

XTC 2023 CIS objective marker: chrisburnett

funwok prize: markpackerhughes

Luke Skywalker bundle: asht1987, bender1483

Thank you packages (min £50 donation)

Aaron Messick, Alex Merrill, André Lind, Andrew Devlin, Andrew Linton, Benjamin Rivet, Bernard Michaeli, Blaine Franklin, Brandon Carey, Bryant Francis, Byron Tatum, Cameron Murray, Carlo Badiola, Carrie Favela, Chase Fair, Christopher Perez, Colin Richard, Conor Holmes, Cormac Higgins, D Leasure, Dale Cromwell, Dwight Lindsay, Edward Barr, Eliott Weights, Isaias Santillano, James Humphery, Jason Desmarais, Joaquin Gonzalez, Joshua Addington, Juan Caez Jr, Juan Monzón, Just Wes, Keith Wong, Kenton Nakamura, Kevin Larsen, Loan Dussart, Marc Rider, Mark Grawburg, Mark Radford, Martin Balvers, Matthias Wagner, Maurice Valenzuela, Michael Bird, Michael Bobish, Michael Hearnshaw, Mikhail Jenkins, Nicolas Durand, Patrick Hanson, Peter Lambro, Raughley Nuzzi, Richard McColm, Robert Crumlish, Robert Mitchell, Robert Smith, Rory Wilson, Ryan Klemm, Sean Huynh, Sean Oakley, Stephen Weiland, Theodore Savage, Theodore Traini, Travis Johannsen, William Anderson, WoodbreyObjects

Thank you everyone for taking part! If you won something, we will be in touch shortly to confirm how to get you your prize(s). The full process of how names were drawn was explained on the stream. If you want to know what numbers your tickets were, message @ootinni on Discord and we'll get that over to you. 

The Isotinni Fundraiser Raffle

To help raise additional funds for the Isoplane Initiative, we're running a fundraiser raffle! Featuring some top-tier AMG swag, a huge amount of Pewtinni Parts loot, custom objective markers, and even a pair of those uber-rare, utterly-beautiful Chile unicorn dice.

To be in with your chance of picking something up, buy some tickets before the end of the year, and you could be starting 2024 in style!

How does it work?

Between now and 31 Dec, send some money to the Isoplane Initiative and in return you'll get some raffle tickets! Simple. The more you donate, the more tickets you get. The more tickets you get, the higher your chances of winning something!

Use the links below, or PayPal to lleonguk@gmail.com:

£5 for 5 tickets

£10 for 12 tickets

£25 for 30 tickets

£50 for 70 tickets

£100 for 150 tickets

£200 for 300 tickets

Remember to put your name and postal address in the comments, otherwise I'll have to try track you down if you win something!

Use Friends and Family transfers for bonus tickets (1 ticket for £5; 2 for £10; 3 for £25; 7 for £50; 15 for £100; and 35 for £200).

£50+ donations are guaranteed to receive a bonus something from the FFG/AMG/Pewtinni Parts archive. As a thank you for your generosity, you'll receive 1 FFG/AMG item and 1 Pewtinni Parts item. No promises what it will be - just something from what we have lying around spare :)

When is the draw?

The draw will be live streamed on 1 Jan 2024, perfect pick-you-up if you've played too much X-Wing the night before ;)

Anything you win can be hand-delivered at the Sith Takers Open, Adepticon World Championships, or posted (additional costs may apply depending on destination and size of prize).

What can I win?

Have a look below to see what is in the pool! Note that there are three tiers of prizes - these are to keep things fair and spread the prizes. Entrants are limited to a maximum of ONE prize from Tier A and ONE prize from Tier B, but unlimited number of prizes from Tier C. If the same name is drawn twice for prizes from Tier A or B, an additional name will be drawn, and the first person can pick what prize they want. This is to make sure nobody lucks out and runs away with all the top goodies!

Remember that all donations over £50 will get a special thank you packet with something from the FFG/AMG/Pewtinni Parts archive.

Additional prizes may get added in as stretch goals depending on how fundraising goes!

Tier A Prizes (max 1 per person)

Tier B Prizes (max 1 per person)

Tier C Prizes (unlimited per person)

Official AMG/FFG swag:

Unofficial / Pewtinni Parts swag:

New: Stretch Goals!

Thank you all so much for the amazing support so far! We have hit over £4,000 raised from 81 different people already and that's incredible!!! The flip side of all that success is that there are so many of you and diminishing chances to win a prize. Well, that won't do 🙂

So we're doubling the Tier C Pewtinni Parts prize pool - yep, everything listed there can be won twice. Even more chances to win 🥳

And we've got some stretch goals to eek ourselves that little bit further. Check them out below!

Stretch goal 1: Reach 100 people entered! If we can get to a crazy 100 people in the draw, we'll not just double, but *triple* the Pewtinni Parts segment of Tier C, and we'll double the Official AMG/FFG swag segment too!

Stretch goal 2: Reach £4,500 raised. If we get here, Worlds Phoenix Cell punchboard turns up in Tier B!

Stretch goal 3: Reach £5,000 raised. If we hit an unbelievable £5,000 raised, a pair of 2017 Worlds Dice will join the Tier A lineup!

So, tell all your friends, and don't be afraid to top up your own entry - the more we get, the better the pool becomes, and the more chances you'll have to win something!

And one last thing....

We have one more super special extra hidden up our sleeve - if all 3 stretch goals are reached, an additional, separate draw for all contributions over £25 will be held for a mega-rare 2023 World Open Qualifer Judge exclusive Ahsoka alt-art card!

Entries to this draw will be limited to one per person, automatically entered if you donate £25 or more. If you previously donated, you can top up to reach the £25 and we'll combine your donations into one. And with one ticket per person, even the minimum level donations stand an equal chance of winning! What are you waiting for? 😉

Anything else?

Please note that some proceeds may go to sending Isoplane Team to Worlds.

This is an independent fundraiser and is not affiliated or associated with, nor endorsed by, Atomic Mass Games, Lucasfilm, or Disney.

Questions: message @ootinni on Discord or drop an email to head.jawa@pewtinni.com